JRN 320/520 Instruction Manual

I entered JRN 520 without any real expectations for the course other than being told that it would be a significant amount of work. I thought of online journalism as a place that print news stories went to be shared on Facebook. Now, three months later, I have a strong appreciation for the ways that a reporter can tell stories through multimedia in a way that is not accessible to newspapers.

The most important advice I would give to someone entering 520 would be to stay calm at the beginning of the semester and not panic if the early assignments do not go well. This is particularly important for people who are new to photography. I probably felt the most overwhelmed during the scavenger hunt, even though it was obviously less work than the later projects.

It is also important to set a schedule of when you will be able to meet with your sources ahead of time. With the two major projects due within three days at the end of semester, it would be impossible to get these done without starting early.


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