320 Suggestions

After completing this class, and hopefully getting a passing grade, the number one thing I will take away from 320 is “no excuses.” This class has taught me that when the professor says something, they mean it and there is no flexibility. If you have an issue they are not there to solve your problems, they’re here to guide you. It’s a reflection of how the real world of journalism works.

So if I were to suggest something to the incoming class it’s to definitely listen and follow the rules. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot harder at 8 a.m. on a Friday morning.

Another suggestion for the incoming class is absolutely start your projects way in advanced. There is never enough time and never enough shots for your project and you just have to hope that all the weeks you’ve spent on your project were spent in a smart and efficient way.

If you can learn to do all of that in 320 then you will learn a lot. As difficult as the class is and as much pressure you feel, if you can pay attention and apply what the professors say, you will learn way more about journalism than you think you ever could in one semester.

One way I think the class can be improved is in spacing of the projects out. I think there was  too much time in between projects spent on learning the programs. If the first two assignments are assigned within the first month of the semester and then the next projects are immediately handed out after, there would be more time for students to gather information and complete the assignments.


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