Suggestions for the Incomers

Some wise words for the future students of JRN 320:

1. Start the project as soon as it’s assigned–the reality is your first try will be mediocre. Be sure you ask the professors to look at what you have before it’s due, so they can tell you what you need to fix, or redo.

2. Have backups for your backups, because sources WILL cancel on you, and you WILL be left to scramble in a hurry, and that’s no fun. Call your sources, and make sure they understand the nature of your assignment, and that they give you your commitment.

3. Check out the camera, even if you don’t have a shooting assignment due that week. The cliche says, “practice makes perfect,” and it’s true. The Nikon is a tricky little contraption in the beginning, so familairize yourself with it.

4. Shooting at the SAC or Union is the WORST. Avoid it.

Overall, JRN 320 has been a challenging class that’s taught me a lot. I feel as if the intensity of the course is a taste of what’s out there in the real world of journalism, and I appreciated it. It’s encouraged to want to buy a DSLR of my own!


About dahliaibrahim

Aspiring journalist. We all have some cliche dream of doing our part in this world and trying to make a difference, but there's this intensity I feel when I tell people that I want to make a difference through journalism that tells me that the dream isn't cliche at all.

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