Three Keys to Succeeding in JRN 320

JRN 320 will be a huge awakening for most journalism majors and minors.  It will be a course that determines, for a lot of students, what track they choose to follow, for others, whether or not they choose to continue with the major.  If you intend to follow through on the journalism track here are three keys to succeeding in JRN 320.

1) Check, Check and Check Again

Without accuracy journalism is a waste of time.  This is why professors place a lot of emphasis on spelling accuracy etc.  Make sure that you check with your sources and double check your own work to ensure that each sources’ name and facts are right.  If you get it wrong, your grade will be affected.

2) Practice makes perfect

I came into JRN 320 with no useful knowledge of a DSLR camera because I just managed to skate by JRN 211.  If you were like me and didn’t really know how to use the camera, do yourself and your grade a favor and take the camera out in advance to practice because there is nothing worse then spending an entire day shooting or filming and realizing that all your pictures or footage is crap because you didn’t know how to use the camera.


On the nights before big assignments were due the newsroom was packed with people trying to finish their projects last minute.  The work given in this class is not unbearable, actually it’s quite manageable, but only if you utilize the time that the professors afford you.  It’s there for a reason.  The assignments consume a lot of your time, so start early because trust me, it is not fun to sleep in the newsroom.

Follow these tips and you should be fine.  Best of Luck!


About Devan Valoroso

Devan Valoroso is a 2015 graduate of Stony Brook University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in from the School of Journalism. During her four years, she has learned and exercised all forms of journalism, with a focused concentration on broadcast storytelling.

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