Words of Advice

Taking JRN 320 has definitely been an experience I will never forget. I’ve always heard the stories of how difficult this class was but now I finally faced the beast head on and let me tell you guys, YOU DON’T WANT TO FACE THE BEAST! (lol) But really, if you are taking this class in the future, and happen to stumble upon this blog takes notes!


Always make sure you test your equipment. Plan your stories thoroughly. Make sure you have met with your source because you will need to! And please, please, please, practice using your equipment before going to your site to shoot.


COME IN EARLY. Don’t come in late. If you plan to come in early, you’ll end up on time. A on time is good. Late?! No! No, no, NO! Yes, if it’s 1 minute over time, YOU ARE LATE (lol) but no really, you’re late.


Invest in some equipment. Sometimes people from other classes or maybe in your class break things, leave things on, and by the time you get it won’t be working. And oh yea! SD cards, u might want to buy your own.


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