The Pokemon Hunter

The challenge of this assignment was finding an element to the story that elevated it beyond being just a story about a guy that hunts for locations based on a game. I was lucky to find out through my interviews that he has aspergers syndrome, which I feel added a much needed human element to the story to help us understand his motivations and passion behind his not-so-common hobby.

It was very challenging to edit the piece together to tell a cohesive story that anyone, even without any familiarity with the Pokemon games, would be able to understand. I feel I was successful in telling a story that keeps you interested from beginning to end. Since the video is nearly 3 minutes long, I had to make sure I included a wide range of photos that were varied and offered different viewing angles throughout the piece.

To improve it I would definitely try to work on my focus which is blurry in some shots. I would also try and add more natural sound in the city photos. I would also like to have had some shots with framing in the foreground.


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