Shears & Tears: Kids Kuts at the Harbor

In an indoor mall, Geri Anderson opens her shop to children with long hair in need of a haircut. Parents, relieved by her patience and speed, sit their kids in their laps while she snips away. But how has she made a name for herself?

In this audio slideshow project, I visited Anderson several times until I get the pictures and audio I needed. She was uneasy about it at first, worrying that I would disturb the peace. However, I stayed out of her way as much as possible and the customers didn’t seem to mind. Photo composition was different because the place was so long and narrow. The kids never stopped moving so I had to make sure I got the shot on the first couple of tries. I’ve never moved around so much while photographing. There was a lot of chasing involved. Scheduling was a bit of a challenge since Anderson’s business is only open Thursday-Sunday, but I showed up whenever I could. Overall, I think it was a rewarding experience.



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