Still not sure, but looking into this and that

I haven’t decided on what story I want to cover for my Final Project, but I do have a couple ideas as of now. I wasn’t able to meet any of my sources in-person, but I have been in contact with them and will be meeting them before the end of this week.

My first idea is to do a story on the Stony Brook University’s Tae Kwon Do club. I will meet the club today (Wednesday) since they meet on Wednesdays and Fridays every week, and I will see if there is a potential story or not. I thought this would be interesting, especially because I’ve been doing Tae Kwon Do for a long time, so it’s something I know a lot of and I wanted to get the traditional Korean martial art more widely known on campus. Tae Kwon Do is a beautiful martial art, so it would be nice to get some video footage of people training and possibly doing matches. 

My second story idea is about Paige Borak, a Stony Brook student and a swing dancer. Again, I will meet her this week and talk more about what kind of shots I can get and figure out if there is a potential story there. But visually, swing dancing would provide me with some nice movement shots. And I would possibly be able to get a variety of movements and shots if she has a dancing partner or is doing a contest or something.

Both of my sources are interested in being a part of my final project, but I’ll have to meet with them in-person and talk with them for a bit to be able to determine my story. I’ll be sure to update you!



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