Welcome to the multimedia world!


There is more to the multimedia world than just adding text with photos or video. It’s combining our storytelling with multiple layers of media. Using the written word to help advance our storytelling with photos, videos, audio, graphics and animations to help convey the story and give a complete package. Being organized, responsible, dependable and self motivated are all attributes you will need to succeed in this industry.

This is a web journalism class which will combine shooting photographs, gathering good audio/video and collecting factual information for writing. These assignments require time, effort and planning. Do not take this course unless you are prepared to commit to the time and to find stories. Telling multimedia stories is exciting and should be fun and creative. I look forward to seeing all your amazing work this semester.
I would take a few minutes to read your fellow classmates suggestions from last semester. Also, take a look at their final projects from this class. Remember, this blog only works when we comment on each other’s work and post thoughtful entires. The best words of wisdom for this class is start early and plan for future assignments. You need to learn how to budget your time.  I look forward to seeing all the wonderful work you will be creating this semester.

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