The Eclectic Nature of Blogs

Across the internet, there are several blogs and sites that cater to several interests and demographics. Almost all of them take different approaches to dissimilate both opinion and information to their select audiences.

One blog that is particularly unique not only in name, but in content, is Potholes In My Blog. The blog’s subject matter pertains to music–mainly Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B. When dealing with music, opinion and analysis is something many readers search for, and one of the strengths that Potholes In My Blog provides readers with is: strong analysis and reviews on new albums and singles. They play to this strength by featuring various reviews and opinion pieces on their rotating banner on the top of the page, allowing visitors to see it immediately. Another strength of the blog is the variety of writing they offer. In addition to writing reviews and analysis, the blog also employs regular and more straightforward news and updates, such as the announcement of a new music video or son–with the video or song included in the post. This strength is brought to attention through the tabs and links that signify “News” or “Curation.” For all the information and writing that it provides, Potholes In My Blog does allow readers to connect and interact with them through Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and Tumblr–frequent visitors/Tumblr users may actually follow the blog as a Tumblr page. Readers may follow and attempt to talk and comment on most of those aforementioned sites.

Another notable blog that is Grantland. It is a blog that deals with both sports and pop culture. The blog’s foundation and uniqueness lies in the strength and depth of their feature stories. Grantland is able to reinforce that strength through their strong stable of experienced and versatile writers such as Bill Simmons (who is also the founder and editor of Grantland), Bill BarnwellRembert BrowneMolly Lambert and Pultizer Prize-winning journalist, Wesley Morris. Although Grantland does not provide readers with immediate updates, they do provide readers with longer, more detailed, features about current events within a day or two of something important happening. Even though the blog does post podcasts and charts, it still plays to the strength of its features and writers by almost exclusively writing longer pieces. Grantland also thrives because of its organized, sectioned, approach to their webpage. Visitors on Grantland can easily navigate the blog because of the labeled subheadings at the top of the homepage. Despite the fact that Grantland does not have the rapid updating that other blogs do, they succeed due to the value of their analysis and depth. This blog reaches out and connects with readers through TwitterFacebook, and the comments section. However, readers may also contact the different departments within Grantland, as well as Bill Simmons, and some select questions and comments sent may be addressed in published mailbags and Q&As. The staff writers and contributors on Grantland may also be followed and reached on Twitter, where they are active and engaging.

Huffington Post is another popular blog that provides readers with breaking news and opinion. Huffington Post’s biggest strength is its commitment to providing readers with immediate news updates that we need. What makes that immediacy remarkable is that Huffington Post not only deals with “hard news” updates, but also breaking news in pop culture, arts, sports, et cetera. Huffington Post builds on the strength of its variety by creating sub-sites or blogs dealing with everything from politics, celebrity and even weird news. In terms of relating and connecting to readers, the Huffington Post blogs are pretty straightforward. Readers may follow the various Huffington Post blogs on Twitter, as well as the writers that contribute to those blogs.


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