Once Upon a Blog


Blogs have become part of the many peoples’ daily routine in today’s society.  It is a place they can go to read and write about what interests them.  Blogs are a creative way for anyone to communicate.  The blogs I read the most talk about the things I enjoy.  Here is a list of my three favorite blogs.



1.Thought Catalog: This might be a typical answer if you ask any 20-something year old girl what her favorite blog is, but in this situation I am okay with falling into that stereotype.  This blog is written by a series of authors on a variety of different topics, mostly focused around young adults.  There is a staff of about 30 feature writers who are constantly posting, but the great thing about this blog is that anyone can submit something to Thought Catalog, and if they like it, they will post it.  Often I have read a post, only later to find out that the author is someone I know.  I enjoy this blog so much because it relates to me.  It talks about college, love, friendship, fashion, being in your 20s and a variety of other topics.  I love logging in everyday never knowing what the articles are going to be about, but with the guarantee that I will have a good read.  And with so many writers, they are constantly adding new posts.  I am also confident I can head to Thought Catalog and never be disappointed.



2. Poynter MediaWIre: This is another blog I visit often because of my interest in the media industry.  This blog does not focus on the top stories of the day, but instead follows the industry that provides us with those top stories.  I enjoy this blog because it discusses many of the skills that I learned in my journalism class, but applies them to current events.  I use it to keep up with what kinds of choices and decisions the different news outlets are making.  I feel that this is important to follow because I want to work as a producer of a news broadcast.  I need to be up-to-date on the choices that producers and editors are making in the industry everyday.  For example, on recent post was about the journalists covering Michael Brown’s funeral.  Some of these reporters decided not to live tweet during the service to show respect for the Brown family.  Others did not make that same decision.  This blog looks at the choices made by journalists everyday.  There is a variety of writers so they are able to post quite a lot during the day.



3. Romenesko: This blog is one that I try to visit often.  It is a very popular blog in the journalism world.  This blog is written by ,who is an American journalist.  His blog is featured on the Poytner website.  He posts about the media or just anything that he finds interesting.  Again, I feel this is another important blog for me to follow because it discusses the industry I plan on working in.  I also like that it doesn’t just talk about professional news organizations.  For example, there was a post about a controversy at a college newspaper the other day.  I would recommend  this blog to all my journalism friends.


One thought on “Once Upon a Blog

  1. I am also a fan of Thought Catalog! It is a great blog for women our age because most of us can relate to the topics that are posted about. One of my favorite things about this blog is that I never know what to expect. Every time I visit, there is something new to read that I find interesting. I also follow the blog on Twitter (@ThoughtCatalog) to be exposed to more posts.

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