To Blog or Not to Blog


I don’t blog. I know, I know…not so great for a journalist…probably true. The problem is that I only entered the world of journalism recently, when I came to study in the United States. Back home, in Ukraine, nobody told me that blogging is popular or important. So now, since I  have to speak English, my third language, I have always thought that I don’t have enough knowledge to express myself in the same way as I do in Russian or Ukrainian; and that is the reason why I am not in print or online, but in broadcast journalism.

However, if I had to just follow or learn from any particular blogs, I would probably choose these three:


1. TheInterpreter

I came across this one and I really liked its purpose. Russian media has done a lot to portray my country, Ukraine, in the bad light through various lies so I am just glad that this blog is trying to eliminate the language barrier among journalist and other people in order to really get to the bottom of the problem.

2. Lifehacker

I really enjoyed this blog. The only thing is that it has so many different things that I am just afraid that I will not have enough time to read everything that interests me. I really think that the strength of this blog is that anyone can find at least one or two things that will immediately grab their attention. In addition, I think the headlines of each post is very catchy. I actually read one of the posts called: “The Worst Things to Buy on Amazon: Clothing, Diapers, Batteries, More“. Also, it was very interesting to read the comments that people left under that post.

3. Engadget

This is probably not a blog that I would check on a daily basis but probably once a week or so I would. What I like about it is that there are so many posts about the newest gadgets. For example, I might request this new Ralph Lauren’s t-shirt for athletes as my birthday present. In general, I think doing reviews of new gadgets is a cool idea, and I am sure a lot of people would want to check this blog out.

Finally, I do have a blog on WordPress that I had to make for a journalism class about a year ago, and there are a few posts there, so feel free to check it out.



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