Blogged Down?

Ever since I embarked on my journey through the school of journalism here at Stony Brook University my professors have been shoving this idea of blogs and blogging down my throat.  At first I didn’t see the point of blogs when you could just follow the news, but actually it hasn’t been the worst idea (it just took me three years to admit it). Now I follow blogs on the regular and have taken my own hand at blogging. If you are anything like me and didn’t know where to start reading in the blogosphere I’m here to help you.

Here are some gems I’ve stumbled upon, which will hopefully spark your blog adventure. 


Okay I know what you might be thinking. This is a serious journalism class and you’re telling me that one of your favorite blogs is all about sororities?  My answer is yes. I do want to be a hard hitting journalist, but until then I am still 20-years-old and like reading about hair, crafts, and clothes. Total Sorority Move is funny and I think really relatable whether you are in a sorority or not. It’s satirical type of writing keeps me laughing and clicking through the website all day long.

Photo Credit:


2) Preserve.Us

So first a silly sorority blog and now one written by a famous celebrity. Well, hear me out. I have always been a huge fan of Black Lively and I was ecstatic to recently discover her new lifestyle blog. I like this blog solely for Lively’s voice in her posts. She recently turned 27 and writes with an honesty that is enticing. While critiques hate her blog, I think she must be doing something right because we all keep talking about it. Yes it’s a little eccentric with the selling of $40 soaps, but I think it has potential and I am really looking forward to see where she takes it. Plus, I secretly wanna see if the hubby will join in her blogging quest like the fake application he submitted.

Photo Credit: EyesOnFire89 from Creative Commons


I actually came across this site a couple weeks back when someone posted a link to it on Facebook and from there I kind of fell in love with it. It’s not a traditional blog where there are weekly posts about different topics from one author. Instead, it is a blog made up of many authors who submit secrets. I find it addictive and refreshing because more times than none you will relate to at least one post. If those aren’t selling points, well the New York Times listed it as a blog to check out, so it can’t be that bad, right?  

Photo Credit: whatmegsaid from Creative Commons
Photo Credit: whatmegsaid from Creative Commons.


Overall, I feel like I chose different blogs than my peers. Everyone is focusing on news or sports blogs, which is great if that is what really interests them. However, I am going to be honest after reading and writing about the news all day, I want to be entertained. I think blogs are supposed to be fun and represent all the parts of you.


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