Blogging is a way of life.

Growing up, I would always try to keep a journal but I was just absolutely awful at it. I was never be able to right for more than two or three days straight. But I wanted to write, so I turned to blogging. Well, what I thought was blogging back then – really I just wrote in a continuous word document. Now that I’m older, I enjoy reading blogs more because it keeps me up to speed with the latest happenings without having to sit down and read through some dry news articles. My top three favorite blogs would have to be:

1) The Huffington Post College blog:


I enjoy reading this blog because its posts really bring the real world and college students that much closer. It doesn’t just talk about politics and wars, but it creates a relation for where I am now in my life to where I will be in just a few years. What I find particularly strong with this blog is that most of the posts read like narratives yet still resemble a news story. I get all the facts that I could get from say The New York Times, however I feel like I’m reading an interesting novel. I just read this post today and I was amazed to see how well-written it was and how much I connected with it as a reader.

 2) Dlisted:

I hate to admit this as a respectable journalism student, but I still need my steady fix of celebrity gossip. Therefore Dlisted must be included in my top favorite blogs. It has all the latest and juiciest gossip. What I find so great about it is the multitude of pictures attached to must stories, the scandalous writing styles and the fact that you can share any post with all of my other social media accounts. Also, a really cool aspect of the blog is that while reading a post, you can make comments after each paragraph and see what others had to say on a certain part of the reading, rather then an overall opinion.

3) The Daily Beast:

I use this blog as a go-to for any and all topics of interest I want to read about. As much as I love niche blogs, having an option like this available so is so handy. I really like that I can read about the latest news on ISIS and then find out the next use for drones all on the same site. I also love how the sites layout is, it makes it easy to navigate and helpful in finding stories that I would be interested in reading or might find important and want to share.







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