Blogs, Blogs, Blogs.

Definition of Blog

Blogging is a skill that I wish I were better at. I’ve always envied active blog owners for being able to keep up with their blogs, because just that is a difficult feat. Owning a blog requires time and frequent attention.

The blogs that I own have been created for class assignments. I always have the intentions of adding to them after the class ends, but sadly, that has never happened. I struggle with translating my thoughts into one cohesive blog post. Once I start to think of how long the process is going to take, I become overwhelmed and never actually write anything.

But unlike me, there are people out there who enjoy gathering their thoughts and succeed in keeping up with their blogs. Here is a list of three active blogs that I really enjoy to read:



Mashable is a great source for news and information. One of its goals is to focus on how digital innovation “empowers and inspires people around the world.” It has 34 million monthly visitors and 14 million followers on social media. When I visit Mashable, I click on the Must Reads tab to find all of the top stories. These stories are not in any type of category; each headline is completely different from the next. I like to browse through this random list of stories because it provides me with hard news, sports, entertainment, health, weather, and everything else. I have learned so many new things from stories on this page.


Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a very popular blog, especially amongst my friends. It is an online magazine that posts content that is “fun, smart, and creative, i.e., entertaining, journalistic, and literary.” It gets its content from staff writers, contributing writers and even submissions from outsiders. This is one of my favorite blogs because I can relate to a lot of the posts. The posts are very random, but they are fun, easy to read, and educational. In addition to following Thought Catalog on WordPress, I also follow the blog on Twitter so that I don’t miss the posts that would most interest me.

 Total Stephanie Move

Total Stephanie Move

Total Stephanie Move is a blog that I just recently started following this summer. It is run by Stephanie Saccente, a senior journalism student at San Diego State University. I came across her blog on Facebook because we were friendly in elementary school. She posts about four topics that I am interested in: style, entertainment, sports and pop culture. Another reason I enjoy following her blog is the tone in which she writes, it is conversational and fun to read, but also professional. Her use of photos throughout her posts is also very effective.

I admire bloggers and the art of blogging itself. I hope that in the new future, I will start or continue a blog that I am actively posting on and one that I am proud of.


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