I Think therefore I Blog.

I have pondered the idea of starting a blog for a while.  I hesitated because of the fact that there is so much information overload.  


Anyone can have a blog and therefore have a voice of their own. This in some ways is a great thing, but it also has created so much unnecessary noise. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate and understand if people that share information on their blogs have the proper training or credentials in the subject they are writing about. The dissemination of ideas or information without much accountability is the downside to this. The most important step in deciding to blog should start with individuals evaluating their intentions and their goals for their writing.  The decision to blog should be taken with thoughtfulness about the impact it may have on readers. Expressing ideas in writing is liberating for a writer, but this liberty should also be exercised with consideration about its impact on our society. 

I have to admit that I have not been much of a blog reader until now. One blog that I do find interesting is healthy place. I am interested in the topic of mental health and the impact of social norms on the treatment and diagnose of mental illnesses. 



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