Three out of a billion blogs

The act of blogging has had an extraordinary impact on journalists. Though the average schmo cannot publish their own newspaper, the ease and simplicity of running a blog has made it possible for anyone with a computer to share what they find interesting to the world. It is evident that blogging is a positive phenomena that will continue to have major effects on how news is distributed by journalists and digested by the public.


NME is very reliable in giving its audience scoops related to music, movie, and television news. New posts are added several times every day, and the news is always timely and significant. Originality is NME’s biggest strength. Upon every visit, it is almost guaranteed to find something you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve noticed that whenever there is a hyperlink in one of NME’s articles, the link most often leads to a previous article by NME, rather than a different source. Personally, I dislike when I read an article in a blog like Huffington Post, for example, and the blogger links to an article from The Washington Post, for example  That is why it is noteworthy that NME only hyperlinks to their own work.

A sample of the stories NME covers.
A sample of the stories NME covers.

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Several well-established news organizations have embraced blogs, including the New York Times. They have a blog devoted to photojournalism named Lens. This blog primarily consists of photo slideshows. Recent content gives visitors a look into the events in Ukraine, Ferguson, and Gaza. An article accompanies some of the slideshows, but this blog is primarily about telling a story visually. In typical blog fashion, comments are welcomed and links are included in the text. This includes both New York Time’s content and outside sources. Lens has a daily feature called ‘Pictures of the Day,’ which includes a variety of images from around the world. 

Screenshot 2014-08-29 at 1.18.09 AM
Homepage of NYT’s Lens blog on Friday, August 29, 2014


Media Matters for America has a blog that essentially criticizes the ignorance on Fox News. The bloggers for Media Matters analyze, sometimes in great depth, select segments from Fox News. The posts include either a video or pictures. Links are included in the text, and they go to both outside sources and other things published by Media Matters. 

A recent post on the Media Matters blog
A recent post on the Media Matters blog



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