The Festival Capital of the World

Every year, people from areas close and far, flock to New York City for its unique and diverse festivals and events that cater to several backgrounds and people. Whether its food, arts, pets or fitness, New York City and its neighboring areas everyone will be able to find something for them.


One event that would provide both a good visual and textual story is the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue Street Festival. This Brooklyn event is a fair that benefits local animals (dogs, mostly) through various games, events, food and music. Unique attractions Local Craft Vendors (for adults) and a Pitbull kissing booth (for dog lovers and children). On top of the Pitbull kissing booth there will be many more activities involving dogs, as well as an opportunity to adopt dogs! It will be on September 14th in Brooklyn


Another wonderful New York City event is the 92Y Street Fest. It is a festival on Lexington avenue that is also on September 14th. The festival promotes healthy living through dance/fitness classes, health screenings and other crafts that encourages health and fitness. Furthermore, there will also be a cultural tour of multiple countries.




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