Challenge Accepted

On Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 I took the “Ice Breaker Challenge.” We were asked to interview students with the prompt, “if money didn’t matter, what would your occupation be?” In addition to interviewing them, we were also asked to produce a portrait of the person.

My initial thought was to panic.

This wasn’t because I was afraid to approach students or to take their pictures, but because I am still relearning how to use the Nixon D7000 cameras that we use for class. I can get flustered with having to change all the settings, especially if the person is waiting on me to take a photo so he/she can go to class or work.

However, in the end, the challenge turned out not to be that bad. It was actually really insightful. I feel like I learned how to better frame photos, approach people, edit Raw images, and have confidence in my skills. 

One thing I will definitely keep in mind for my future shoots is to take a lot more photos of the subject. I thought that 2-3 was enough, but in reality I need double and maybe even triple of that. 

Practice makes perfect, right? So the way I look at it is that this challenge was a success and that my photo’s can only get better from here. 


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