Capture the Moment

Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME.
Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME.

To find compelling photos that told a story I looked at blog published by TIME Magazine called LightBox.  TIME Magazine is known for some of the best photojournalism and has captured many of the most memorable moments in history.  LightBox takes their photography to a whole new level. This blog helps to feature photos and show how photography has helped to shape our society.

A post that caught my eye was Syrian Refugees by James Nachtwey, which uses photos to help tell the story of the Syrian refugees that were forced from the country because of the war.  These photos capture the support for these refugees from the international community.

I would recommend taking time to look at these photos, which show life inside the refugee camps.  I found these photos so compelling because looking at them made me feel like I was at the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.  These photos put me right in the middle of everyday life at the camp and show how these refugees are trying to live a normal life.


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