Speaking Words Through Photos

When we think moving photos, we often think of the heartbreaking photos of poverty-stricken children across the world displayed on websites like New York Times or CNN. I’m not heartless and do think they are compelling since they break my heart into a billion little pieces every time I see them.

However, after being assigned the homework to look for a story with telling photos I thought to myself that there has to be other kinds of compelling photos besides ones of sad children.

That’s when I remembered an article I read in Refinery29 the other day.

Photograph by Tina Tyrell
Photograph by Tina Tyrell

Refinery29 has been this up-and-coming website that features everything from workout routines to how to do a beer rinse for your hair to the latest celebrity gossip. The site overall has a huge focus on fashion too, which is up any girly-girl’s alley, right?

The other day in efforts to come across an article I read about New York Fashion week featuring military women on a runway, I actually stumbled upon this article. It was a profile of Joanna Coles, the editor-and-chief of Cosmopolitan.

Photograph by Tina Tyrell
Photograph by Tina Tyrell

The article not only featured a bunch of interesting information about Coles, but also had these gorgeous and powerful portraits of her. The reason why these stuck out to me was because they were more than just some snapshot of Coles in her office. Everything in the photo was a telling detail about Coles and really added to the overall photo.

Besides that, the photographer, Tina Tyrell, took some interesting photos of the Cosmopolitan magazines and other artwork from the Office. The last photo of the article even had a quote from Coles, which made the photo have even more significant and telling.

Photograph by Tina Tyrell
Photograph by Tina Tyrell

Theses photos are great examples of what I should be working towards capturing for class and in my profession.


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