Visual Power

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 1.30.27 AM
Bahia Mamo, 13, an Iraqi Yazidi woman, weeping in the Dera Bon camp over the kidnapping of a relative by ISIS fighters in Gohobal. Aug. 17, 2014.

Stories and words can be very powerful; but when you are reading a story with no pictures, you have no choice but to try and visualize what you’re reading. When you have the added element of pictures to go along with a story, it brings so much more to the table. You are able to see exactly what the story is talking about and it makes it that much more powerful.

There are many good sites that have great photography with their stories, but one of my favorites is the NY Times Lens Blog. As I was browsing it I came across¬†this story¬†about the civilians facing ISIS in Iraq. Of course this is a story we hear on the news and read about in the paper every day, and of course we can imagine how horrible life for those iraqi’s must be as they’re trying to flee to safety, but it is hard to picture what they go through. This story is accompanied by great photography of many iraqi’s being displaced, suffering sickness, as well as their reactions when finding out their loved ones have been kidnapped by ISIS fighters.


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