Singing and Sex Toys at the University Cafe

Booze, bad singing and butt plugs brought a small crowd of upperclassmen and graduate students out to the University Cafe last night for Karaoke and Sex Toy Bingo.

The event was part of a regular schedule of entertainment at the University Cafe on the Stony Brook University campus—a little-known but well-loved bar for graduate students and undergrads older than 21.

The evening kicked-off with a tone-deaf but enthusiastic performance of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, sung by second-year sociology graduate student Peter Schneider and recently graduated Doctor of Music Bog Scurtu. When Bog suggested they sing, Schneider said, “I don’t care. I don’t even know the lyrics.” So they went for it.

Two more students took the mic later, but most were there for Sex Toy Bingo. This is the second year the Graduate Student Organization has hosted the game, and since it was so successful the first time, they decided to bring it back.

“It’s really just an excuse to play bingo and do naughty things,” Claudia Barczy, a co-host of the bingo game, said. Barczy is a media intern for the GSO filling in for last year’s host, who wasn’t able to make it.

Barczy’s co-host was Dakota Jordan, president of The Next Generation—a university-recognized club that discusses fetishes and BDSM. Jordan is also a sexual health educator, and she said the event helps to destigmatizes sex toys.

“It helps normalize sexual culture and the use of sex toys, especially for men,” she said. Jordan explained the vibrators and sex toys have become acceptable for women to use, but many still see male sex toys as unmasculine and weird.

But the men didn’t seem too ashamed either way. Jhon Restrepo, a junior economics major, walked away happily with a male masterbator after getting bingo. “I have a roommate and I want to freak her out a little bit,” he said.

Things got even more wild after the hosts invited four people to the stage for a lap dance contest. The performances were wild and awkwardly seductive, but it was ultimately the charming and flexible talents of Schneider that took the prize—a flog that he promptly handed to his dance recipient to administer.

The bar’s student manager, Drew Davis, said the event is also good for business. The UCafe competes directly with the Bench, a bar within walking distance of the campus. While the Bench has ladies night on Thursday, the UCafe has a karaoke night to attract students.

“Why go all the way out to the Bench when you can hang out with your friend right here on campus?” Davis said. “It’s a lot of fun and it brings in a diverse crowd.”

The Graduate Student Organization also hosts open mics on Mondays, trivia nights on Tuesdays, jazz performances on Wednesdays and concerts on Fridays.

GSO Production Assistant Lucia Kolodiuk said, “it’s a chance for students and grad students to relax and unwind.” And though a couple people let a little more than their hair down, it was all in good fun.


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