Tara Conry Visits JRN 320


Tara Conry, community journalist at Newsday, came in to speak to our journalism 320 class on Friday, September 19, 2014. She spoke to us about the history of her journalism career, her responsibilities at Newsday, and gave us many tips to be great journalists. 

Three things she said that I believe to be very true and important are:

1. Be a sponge. Soak up as much information as you can and it will impress people. Your potential would be limitless because you’re always learning and growing.

2. Today, every journalist is basically a one man band. It’s important to learn and know all sides of journalism–photography, video, print. She mentioned that some reporters at Newsday even know how to code. It doesn’t hurt to know all aspects, it will help you get an internship or a job.

3. Social media is a very important tool in journalism. Be active on Twitter, Instagram and other sites and apps; your future employers will appreciate that and it would benefit you as a journalist. Tara uses Instagram as a teaser; she posts photos of stories that she is on, but doesn’t give away the whole story so that it draws readers in and keeps them looking for more.



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