An Insight to the Industry with Tara Conry


Tara Conry works as a reporter in the Newsday. She spoke to us during our JRN320 lesson. She had shared with us insights of being a reporter in this century. Here are three take-aways:

  1. “Be a sponge.” It is the attitude that every reporter should have, and this also applies to students who want to become a reporter. We should soak up as much information as we can, as working as a reporter, everyone assumes that you know everything. And it is important that you always show a learning attitude.
  2. In this age when media is so easy to reach to, we need to equip ourselves with different presentation skills. You will never know when they will come into use and how they will help with your work. Some recommended skills that she mentioned are fundamental coding and video recording. Moreover, we should maintain a habit of keeping personal accounts in social media, such as twitter, instagram and personal resume on Linked. Social media plays a big component in today’s world for people to get news from.
  3. When you start reporting, it is very important to not losing your humanity. Be considerate on people being involved in the stories, especially when there is death.  Think as if it was you who are facing the same situation.

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