Belly Dancing Pitch

When thinking about something interesting to possibly do my audio slideshow on, I thought about doing a topic that caught my interest. I love sparkles and music, which is why when I saw the belly dancing club performing one night as I was leaving the SAC I thought there had to be something there.


That’s why I decided on possibly doing my audio slide show on the president of the belly dancing club, Gabrielle Moreno.

Moreno joined on a whim her freshman year. She never belly danced before and is the first in her family to do so. I would like to find out her opinion on teaching new people how to belly dance when it isn’t something that she learned at an early age or what her parents/family have to say about it.

I like this angle of the story because you can take someone’s simple story and make it newsworthy. I think what makes Moreno an interesting member of the club is that she has no definite cultural ties to belly dancing and never did it before coming to Stony Brook yet she has been successful.

Besides that, some background information on Moreno is that she is studying health science and looking to pursue nursing after she graduates. She is also part of the health science club and pre-nursing society.

When it comes to the belly-dancing club, they meet Tuesdays from 7-8pm in the SAC basement studio. This is open to everyone and the performance troupe teaches the class. In addition, the formal troupe, which Moreno is also part of, practices on Fridays from 3:30-6:30pm in SAC 307 practice space.


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