Brainstorming for the Audio Slideshow

I have two possible subjects for my audio slideshow project.

Photo Credit: Operation Splash
Photo Credit: Operation Splash

1. Rob Weltner is the President of Operation Splash. Volunteers from this organization have rescued over 1,000,000 pounds of garbage from Long Island shores since 1990.  This garbage is slowly killing the sea creatures who call the south shore bays home.  Everyday the members of the SPLASH team take out one of their three boats  to remove debris from the water.  For my audio slideshow, I would go out with Weltner and his team on the boat and film them collecting garbage.  I would also interview Weltner, who worked on an 11-year project that  stopped 2.5 million gallons of sewage a day from going into the bay at Jones Beach.  I think the work that Weltner and his team do would make good visuals and I already have spoken to him and he has a good story to tell.


2. John Theissen is the founder of the John Theissen Children’s Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1992.  Since this time, Theissen has collected over 550,000 new toys to donate to children who are hospitalized. In addition, this foundation grants wishes of sick children.  Every single day, this organization is helping a child in need.  Theissen was inspired to start this organization from his own experience of being in the hospital when he was 17 for a brain tumor.  I think this would be a good story to capture because Theissen is always interacting with kids, which would be good for visuals.  He also has a good story to tell.


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