Assignment 3 Pitch

If we’re watching a really good movie, we usually forget it’s a movie. We get lost in the characters and setting and feel like we are right there with them. When the movie is over, we feel like we shared the characters’ lives for a little while. Part of this is costumes, music, set design- but part of it is something so simple we forget it’s even there. Make-up. For this piece I would like to profile a girl named Katelyn Hugle. She is a student at Hofstra University student movie make-up.


While watching the On the Run tour with Beyonce and Jay-Z, I was amazed at all of her costume changes and how much it adds to a performance. It turns out a student at Parsons The New School for Design, Steve Anazco made a piece for Beyonce. This would be a profile of him and his work from sketching, picking out material, sewing to the final finished product.



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