It Must Be Magic

The Stony Brook Quidditch team lines up right before the match begins. Credit: Stony Brook University Student Affairs

Often times, many of us grow up and are encouraged to play sports at one time or another. However, the sports we are taught and pushed into are usually the basics: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis and even hockey in cold-climate areas. But little do we know there are some unique sports that are rapidly growing in popularity. One that is fair parts unique and popular is Quidditch.

Many of us recognize Quidditch as the game from the Harry Potter books and movies. However, it must be hard to imagine a sport that was thought up within a magical context (flying brooms and golden equipment with wings) as something that can be played in life outside of fantasy. But through creative thinking and unity, Stony Brook and many other college campuses do offer Quidditch as a club sport. What I want to do is speak and spend time with Bridget Foley, the Vice President of the Quidditch Club at Stony Brook, to talk about Quidditch and why she partakes in it, why it is special, the growing popularity of the sport, and what it is like playing Quidditch. Moreover, I feel that Quidditch matches and practices can provide an engaging presence through visual and audio. Quidditch is far from a practical sport, and as such, an in depth report/story would shed light on the idea of a fantasy maneuvering its way into reality.


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