Crazy Beans

Crazy Beans is a coffeehouse and eatery that is located in two places on Long Island. Callie Brennan first opened up the original shop in Miller Place and then opened up a second branch in Stony Brook Village in partnership with her fiancé, Timothy Martino this May. Martino is also the chef. The menu has a variety of coffees, espressos, lattes, smoothies, breakfast foods, lunch and customized specials. The Beans, as it is also called, also hosts open mic nights and invites local bands to perform for their guests.

My plan for the audio slideshow project is to speak to Brennan and Martino about what makes the atmosphere at The Beans so special. I would also like to focus on the customized items on their menu as well as the designs they create in their coffee drinks. I will get great nat sound of coffee beans grinding, coffee machines dripping and food cooking. My visual shots will be of Brennan and Martino, customers and the drinks and food that is served. I have reached out to The Beans about getting access for my project, but I have not heard back yet.


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