Huemor was established over beers on a Thursday night in 2011 by two close friends, Jeffery Gapinski and Michael Cleary.  After years of working as a front end web designer Gapinski said it was time to take the leap and start his own company.

Jeff Gapinski
Jeff Gapinski
Michael Cleary
Michael Cleary

Sharing a love of design and a desire to construct something exceptional, Gapinski and Cleary set out to build a company that could help businesses thrive in an ever-changing digital environment.

Huemor is a digital advertising agency that brings together design, brand communication and social connectivity with a team made up of young Individuals with a median age under 30. “We were the first generation to grow up with social media and interact with it daily,” Gapinski said. These skills allow them to build projects across multiple platforms helping
them to better represent each brand they work with and better understand their clients needs.

Huemor has more than 300 projects nationwide. Gapinski said they strive to be better than “good enough” and continue to work towards greater things everyday.


About valeriepolite

Valerie Polite has had a passion for writing since elementary school. She spent most of her early years writing short stories and poetry and spent her first year of college studying English education. It was soon after completing her second semester she discovered her love of journalism and reporting. Now she is a semester away from graduation Suffolk County Community College with her Associates degree and plans to transfer to Stony Brook to pursue her degree even further.

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