A Successful Audio Slideshow from Los Angeles Times


“Audio slide show: His body a prison”

The link posted above takes you to an audio slideshow that was produced by Liz O. Baylen from the Los Angeles Times.  I think this is such a good audio slideshow because it really shows us what everyday life is like for Spencer Sullivan as a quadriplegic.

Spencer Sullivan is now a quadriplegic after a neck surgery he had in 2001.  After the surgery, he was given too much medication and was not monitored. He now receives 24/7 care and his parents moved to his town to assist him.

The pictures show us Sullivan’s everyday routine and how much he depends on his parents.  His mother’s interview is very emotional but it helps to capture how much pain this family has gone through.  You can tell through the pictures that his parents do anything they can to make his life easier.

My favorite part of this slideshow is when they show Sullivan doing therapy in the pool.  The nat sound of the pool helps make me feel like part of the action.  It also shows how challenging going into the pool can be for Sullivan.  It is his main activity during the day so I feel it was very important for Baylen to capture.

The pictures also show that Sullivan is confined to his chair and can no longer do little things in life like brush his hair.  It is these moments that help tell his story.

Overall this slideshow was very good and I would not have done it any differently.


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