A favorite audio slideshow example

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.59.26 AM

Frozen Land, Frozen People

I choose this example of an audio slideshow from the LA Times. I watched it twice before choosing it for this assignment.

What first captivated me were the photos. The landscape provided a gorgeous backdrop for all the pictures and each one was more stunning and told a story better than the last. The photographer really played with angles to better captivate the mood and she included wide, tight, super tight and all the other shots that really set a scene and tell a story.

The second thing that grabbed my attention was the use of different people in the interviews. It differently added a twist and it was nice to hear the story being told by two very different people. Also, the emotion was very raw in the interviews, especially with the man talking about how he planned on being buried in that land. It added a level of humanism to the story that really made it more interesting and personable.


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