The Pit

The Pit
The Pit

“Football in the dirt is a tradition in Trona, [California] where grass is tough to grow in the heat and saline soil. A patch of test grass planted by coaches in 1966 was mysteriously doused with kerosene and set ablaze.” – LA Times

This audio slideshow was produced by Marc Martin and Don Bartletti from the Los Angeles Times. It captures the story of the Trona High School Football Team that practices and plays on a dirt field, the only one in North America. This caught my attention because the story is so unique to the high school football experience.

Throughout the piece there are many different interviews. The head coach, the former head coach and the players all offer different perspectives on what their experience has been like playing on the field.

The photos in this slideshow are very compelling. I enjoyed that there was a variety of the team playing, the game atmosphere, the details of the dirt field and how it is maintained. My favorite shots are the quick sequences of the team playing because it looks like the players are in motion.

There is also great nat sound that accompanies the photos. We hear the team calling plays and talking during practices and games and even the raking of the dirt. The most powerful nat sound element is at the end when each light that is surrounding the field shuts off. The piece ends when it is pitch black.


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