Throwback Thursday: Ice Breaker Challenge

On Friday, September 5, 2014, I took the JRN 320 Ice Breaker Challenge. My task was to shoot a portrait of five random people on Stony Brook University’s campus after asking them all one question. The question they had to answer was, “If money didn’t matter, what would your occupation be?”

Looking back at my work for this assignment (the first with the Nikon D7100), I am proud to say that my photography skills have improved tremendously. This assignment taught me to be more aware of my subjects’ surroundings. Trees, poles and other objects should not be sticking out of anyone’s body, especially their head and face. It also taught me to focus on the rule of thirds while shooting to ensure that not all of my subjects are in the middle of the frame.

The biggest obstacle I faced during this challenge, besides constantly adjusting my camera settings, was finding people on campus to take pictures of. It was a Friday morning, and the campus was almost dead. But once I found someone, it didn’t bother me that much to walk up to them and start talking. Now that I am almost at the end of the School of Journalism curriculum, I have become comfortable with talking to strangers and asking them random questions.

Overall, getting the written portion of this assignment was easier than taking the portraits because of my familiarity of the camera settings at the time. Now that I am working on my audio slideshow, I feel more comfortable and even confident with taking great photos.


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