Moreno’s Hips Don’t Lie

For my audio slideshow I did a profile on Gabrielle Moreno. She is a health science major at Stony Brook University and has been a member of the belly dancing club since her freshman year. Now, Moreno is the president and a graduating senior. Here is Moreno’s story about how belly dancing impacted her life.

Some challenges I faced in this assignment were lighting. I struggled when it came to taking pictures inside the SAC. It took me a while to figure out how to change the lighting so everyone wasn’t blue. Besides that, I struggled with how to take interesting pictures of people. This is a reoccurring theme for me. I feel like a lot of my photos look more like snapshots rather than photojournalism images. Lastly, I struggled with what to do with natural sound. I really couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to continue through the entire project or just be in key spots or both.
While I had my challenges, I feel that the overall project was a success. I think that I was able to take some interesting and well composed photos. I think my detail shots came out good. Additionally, I think I tried to take different angles and risks. In the end I think some of them paid off. One of my favorite shots was the photo I took from behind the president’s head looking at the team. I think it showed a different perspective.


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