A Company of Archers

The Stony Brook Company of Archers connects both experienced and novice students alike to the sport of archery. It took me a while to decide that it was the archery club that I wanted to profile for audio slideshow assignment, but I’m glad I did.

Taking photos at the archery range presented its own challenges. The space was cramped, and it was only possible to photograph the archers from behind while they were shooting. I think I managed to come up with some interesting photos from the range, but it took a lot of moving around.

I had to re-record my audio a couple times in trying to figure out the audio recorder, but I did figure it out and I think my audio came out well. Though I wasn’t able to capture much natural sound beyond arrows hitting targets, I think my editing was effective and the photos and interviews matched.

There are definitely things I would do differently for this slideshow if I had to do it again, but I’m happy with the final project, and I think it is a good representation of a very cool club on the Stony Brook University campus.


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