Long Island Glass

I thought that profiling a glass blower would be awesome, but it was actually extremely difficult. I struggled with adjusting my camera to the studio lighting and the light from the flame. I also could not get close to the flame because of safety reasons. When I looked at my photos, I noticed that most of them captured motion blur instead of clear images because of the speed in which the glass blower was working. It was also difficult for me to shoot at many different angles because of the way the work stations were set up. But I got creative and tried my best. If I had had time, I would have definitely gone back and shot more photos.

Aside from all of the challenges that I faced, I enjoyed working on this project because I got to witness the amazing art of glass blowing up close. I even got to try it! The intricate tools and techniques that the artists use to to create such beautiful pieces are astonishing. This is one of the reasons why I love being a journalism major. It takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to experience new and interesting things. I would definitely like to take a lesson and learn how to make something.


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