The Rock and Roll Barbershop

By Steven Thomas

Rockabilly Barbers in Stony Brook, does its best to give gentleman a relaxed environment. One that they will not only enjoy but will also never forget. 

The self proclaimed Rock and Roll barbershop is what i chose to report on for my audio slideshow. My biggest challenge with this project was getting all the materials that I needed in order to make an adequate piece. I visited the shop several times but was disappointed when I misplaced the memory card with all of my collected photos and audio. I immediately purchased another sd card and got back to work. Luckily for me, the employees were very understanding and let me capture their interviews through an audio recording device and take photos again.

I learned from this assignment how to build rapport with the individuals that you are interviewing. I was able not only to connect with them through understanding their story but to connect with them on a friendship level as well. The beauty of journalism especially photojournalism is all the different variations of people you may meet throughout the years. The gentleman at this barbershop were certainly interesting characters which made doing my work much easier. I appreciated the learning experience of this assignment and I also appreciated having a chance to hone my skills in this craft.


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