Through Animated Eyes

Although being able to work with Final Cut and putting together audio and photos for the first time (for me, at least) was an enriching and useful experience, it was not without its set of frustrations and challenges. One of the biggest hurdles I came across was being able to take photos that would pair well with the audio that I had already obtained. Although I knew and remembered what the person interviewed said, it was difficult for me to actually take photos of the things he described to me. I’m not sure if that was a product of a less than ideal environment and atmosphere to take photos, or if I was not approaching the shoots in the correct way. Nevertheless, it was a challenge.

Another major challenge I had was capturing nat sound, and effective nat sound that I could use in the middle of the slideshow. In my opinion, it kind of turned out to be a disaster. I wasn’t sure how I could get nat sound that didn’t include mumbling or background talking, and when I did, it didn’t seem to fit when I was putting everything together. Speaking of the audio, I also had difficulty trying to edit and maneuver around the inconvenient pauses or breaks that the person I interviewed made. I was able to edit some parts well, but others were just too difficult for me to work around.

Despite the difficulties that I came across, I still think that I found success in actually interviewing and returning to the source for anything I needed, whether it be photos or audio. I also thought that I used Final Cut relatively well. In my eyes, I thought there were no awkward breaks or transitions.

All in all, I think that even though I struggled with working with both audio and photo, it was still a valuable experience. I can say that because the use of all the editing and post-production programs in unison, exposed me to new ways of approaching different mediums. Even if I ran into a lot of challenges and struggles, I still think that the growing experience [with slideshows] moving forward is something that makes it all worthwhile.


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