A Psychic Connection

To close out the year, I am planning to do a story on pyschic Lisa McGarrity and Envision Crystal, her business. She is unique because she is a psychic, someone who claims she can connect with spirits and deal with things that are beyond the physical world. On that basis, she would be a wonderful character to profile, especially with video because her workplace is unique, with a certain eeriness that would be interesting. As a person who sees the world differently, she would also provide candid and intuitive quotes on video.\

I have spoken to I presume is an assistant at the business, and I have reached out to McGarrity herself. Although McGarrity hasn’t been able to get back to me yet, the assistant told me that I would most likely be welcome to do the story (with some restrictions, however).

As for the shots I will take, I plan to take shots of her setting up materials such as tarot cards, incenses, herbs, and things of that nature, which provides me with B-roll. I also plan on taking tight shots and interviews with McGarrity talking in the room she does readings, as well as her doing some readings or at least setting them up, depending on how much access I am given.

Candles that Envision Crystal sells

I addition to the video, the story I plan to write will have a narrative dealing with how she connects to with spirits, what all her products and business does to effect her connection, how she initially got involved with doing psychic and magical things, and how she finds a way to stay keep magic and spiritualism alive in a largely technological and skeptical society.

I feel this would be an effective web piece because video and text story would be mutually beneficially to each other, with the video being the dominant medium.


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