Designer Cutting Boards, LLC

When I met Pat Corrigan at the Good Shephard Luthern Church Craft Fair on September 13, 2014, I knew he would be a great subject for my final video project.

Corrigan hand crafts designer cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards and candle holders. He uses all different colored strips of wood from Robert’s Plywood and glues them together to make one board. And he uses his own wood-cutting machinery, which cost him approximately $4,000.

This is a hobby for Corrigan, but he goes to fairs all over Long Island to sell his pieces. He is very personable and enthusiastic about his craft. When he is at fairs, he loves to talk to people about his boards. His strategy to being successful is standing in front of his table and working the crowd.

I spoke to Corrigan and he is excited to be the subject of my video project, therefore he will be my main interview. I also think that his wife could offer an interesting perspective on his hobby. I plan on recording Corrigan as he makes one of his pieces. I would also like to shoot him at a fair if possible and interview some of his customers to see what they think about Corrigan’s work.

When I shoot him making a board, I will shoot tight shots of his hand sliding the wood closer to the blade and then the wood hitting the blade. I will also shoot some wider shots of Corrigan so that the setting around him is shown. If I am able to shoot Corrigan at a fair, I would like to capture him talking to customers and selling his pieces.

I am thinking about writing my print story on Corrigan’s strategy at fairs. He had a lot to say about the way he works his table when I talked to him at the Good Shephard Craft Fair, so I could imagine that he would be able to elaborate on that. The print story would also include Corrigan’s background and how and why he started making designer cutting boards.

When I put my story on the web, the print piece will complement the video. Both stories will be slightly different, but they will touch upon the same topics.


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