Final Project Pitch

For my final project, I want to do my video on the Dèjá Vu Dance Troupe here at Stony Brook. They are a hip hop dance team that incorporates a lot of different styles of dance that are both exciting and please to watch.

I have talked to the president of the team, Ahlyjus McPherson. He is excited about it and is willing to work with me, however he has to follow procedure and put it to a vote with the rest of his E-board. They only meet Wednesdays, so he’s going to give me a final say tonight. But he foresees no reason why they would vote no.

I planned on interviewing him along with a senior member and a newer one. I want to capture the atmosphere of the comradeship. The shots I would try to get would be wide shots of the whole team practicing, then some tight ones of their faces. I want to get the interaction between the person teaching and those learning. I thought a cool shot would be putting the camera on the floor and capturing the feet as they danced.

They also have a lot of performances and even have one this Thursday, so I could try to get some crowd reactions to their performances and get the atmosphere of a live performance to help tell the story.

As to what I’m going to write, I didn’t want to focus on one person. I want to write about the team as a whole and maybe write how it has affected the lives of a few people and brought together a diverse group of individuals.

I was thinking that I could translate this to the web by making an interactive piece. Having portrait shoots of a few of the members and then tell their story, then have an overarching story that relates them all together.

Overall, I’m really excited for this because I personally love dance and I think I could capture tons of B-roll and convey a lot of emotion. And I believe there is a lot I can do to make this interactive and fun on the web for people to see.


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