Sayville takes Fashion

For my final project I had two ideas. Both of which are fashioned based and can be shot in my hometown of Sayville, NY. I wanted to either do a profile of Paper Dolls Vintage Boutique or Alysa Nadeau, a fashion student who is already selling her own creations at a local store in Sayville.

Paper Dolls Vintage Boutique is located on Main Street in Sayville. The shop opened in May of 2012 and is owned by Dominique Mac. Mac agreed to do an interview and let me come shoot the store.

A little bit more about the shop is that they carry one of kind pieces from all different decades. You can even find vintage high-end designer clothes there. Everything in the store is hand selected and inspected to make sure it is in good condition before it is put on the shelves. In addition to their clothes, they also do personal styling, head-to-toe makeovers and makeup applications.

The reason why I was so drawn to this store was because I have been to a fashion show in my hometown two summers ago and when the employees put on the clothes they are new characters. They really epitomize the women, who would have worn the clothing.


When it comes to the video, some shots that I would take would be a wide angle of the store, the store from a farther down main street, I would get a close up of someone entering the store, action/reaction of people entering the store and viewing the clothes, shots of the clothes and accessories (wide and tight), and shots of the employees interacting with the costumers. I would also like to be there if they have any upcoming makeovers, which should be more prevalent with it being Halloween season.


In addition, I think the best way to make it visual for the web is to add pictures. The store is very vibrant with both clothes and personality.

My second pitch is doing a profile on Alysa Nadeau. Nadeau graduated from Sayville high school and has always had a strong inclination for fashion. She is currently studying fashion design and has already produced her own accessory line, which was sold at Therapy Life & Style in Sayville.

Besides jewelry, she has held her own fashion show for one of her classes, where she made all the clothes and accessories.


For the video I would interview her, her parents, and maybe fashion professor. I would take shots of her making jewelry, sketching, her making clothes, her outside/ inside of Therapy Life & Style. I would love to possibly shadow her for a day at school, but she is already very nervous about being on camera, so I don’t know if she would agree to that.


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