Magician and Balloon Artist


For my final story, I want to do my video on John Reid, who is a magician and balloon artist on Long Island.  John Reid would be my main source for the story.  I picked him because he is a character and I met him through sources for another 320 project.

Reid has dedicated his career to learning tricks and entertaining people. He has performed in the White House and on the Martha Stewart show. He owns a magic shop that contains hundreds of magic tricks, illusions, effects, jokes, gags, playing cards and more.

Reid does performances almost every night of the week. Not only does Reid perform, but he also holds lessons at his shop to teach other people face painting and magic.

I will shoot him doing tricks and making balloon art. I can get wide shots of the crowd and their reactions at his performances. I can also get sound bites of the audience reaction.

For tight shots, I can get his hands making the balloon art and performing the tricks. His performances are very visual so I think this will be perfect for my video.

He has a very interesting story for print as well.   I van write about how he got into the magician business, even though his parents weren’t too happy about it.   He went to college, but decided that he wanted to make his magician hobby his life.

The video will be visually interesting and he also has a very good story to tell. He is also very funny and loves interacting with people. All of this content would be perfect for the web.


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