Mr. Mustang

Dave McAvoy has a passion for everything Mustang.  He has been collecting
for years and buys anything with a Ford Mustang logo that he can get his hands on.  imageHe has everything from posters, to emblems, to  model cars, and much much more.  He even drives a Ford Mustang to complete the set.

Mustang memorabilia isn’t the only thing he collects either.  He calls himself a collector of all things.  He saves every movie stub, concert ticket, and other chachki items and collectibles but I think his Mustang collection is the most interesting.

I will take photos of his various collectibles, his car, and possibly of him adding new items to his collection.  I will have both wide and right shots and I think his cars engine roaring to life would be great natural sound.  I think his passion for collecting is unique and will lend to great audio and visuals.

The written story will be relatively the same. I will still focus on his Mustang collection but I think the written story has the opportunity to add more of McAvoy’s background story.

There are a lot of car collector on Long Island but McAvoy really stood out at me because I too love Ford Mustangs.  I used to have one before it broke down and I had to sell it.  I have a lot of interest in this story and I think thy McAvoy will be a great subject because he not only collets Mustang memorabilia but has a general love and passion for collecting.  I think this adds to his story and makes him stand out among others.


About valeriepolite

Valerie Polite has had a passion for writing since elementary school. She spent most of her early years writing short stories and poetry and spent her first year of college studying English education. It was soon after completing her second semester she discovered her love of journalism and reporting. Now she is a semester away from graduation Suffolk County Community College with her Associates degree and plans to transfer to Stony Brook to pursue her degree even further.

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