This is the site for the class blog of JRN320.2, Multimedia Newsroom II/Web at Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism.

This course examines the challenges presented by the explosion of journalism on the Internet and assesses the role of the journalist in an online society. Students are exposed to both practical skills and a broader understanding of issues. Topics include how journalists add value to information online, writing and editing for the Web, the use of interactive tools, blogs and podcasts, and an elementary understanding of Web design. At the same time, students explore issues of privacy, the Internet’s potential threat to traditional journalistic standards, and how online publishing is creating new audiences. Students will critique news Web sites, participate in a blog and podcast, create a news Web page, and produce an online story package. The class will consist of one day of lecture per week and one hands-on lab day. (Prerequisites: JRN 210, 211)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I am Wang Qing’s agent, responsible for getting her work onto the NY Times’s Lensblog. Fair use of her work is fine, and as a former teacher I am happy to support your use in your classroom. What I would like, however, to see the results of your and your student’s response to Ms Wang’s essay. That is if interest to both her and myself.
    Kind regards,
    John B Turner

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