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I'm a Broadcast Journalism major at Stony Brook University aspiring to have a journalism career covering professional sports.

Married to the Ale

What was once a plumbing supply warehouse on 400 Hallett Avenue in Riverhead, New York, now gives off the aroma of numerous craft beers.

There are countless breweries on the island, but Moustache Brewing Company is unique because it is run by a married couple.

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Audio Slideshow Ideas

DSC_0084 Long Island Doll Hospital Jan Davis and her husband Walter Davis have been repairing broken and worn dolls for more than 30 years. They also fix Steiff stuffed animals and teddy bears. They attend toy and doll conventions where they buy doll parts. They have their workshop, which they refer to as a “doll hospital” in Southold, which doubles as an antique store. Since they have been doing this for so long, I believe the couple would have a lot to say; it is also their passion and where their heart is, so it would make the story even better. I also think this would make for some great photos. I could get shots of the dolls before, as they are being worked on, and the finished products. I could also take pictures around the doll hospital and the other antiques that she has. Continue reading Audio Slideshow Ideas

Everything Apple with Extra Fun on the Side

The clouds scuttled across the sky, the sun breaking out in bursts as the crowd gathered behind Stony Brook Community Church on Christian Avenue for the 2014 Apple Festival. Continue reading Everything Apple with Extra Fun on the Side