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Maureen’s Kitchen

Maureen’s Kitchen from Tahseen Rabbi on Vimeo.

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Apothecary or Latte Art?

Botica & Co.

A brick and morter aphothecary in Brooklyn. Adriana Ayales learned how to make herbal remedies from her grandmother who is a medicine woman and shaman in Coasta Rica. She opened Botica & Co. to bring back the intimacy of a vintage pharmacy. It’s visual, because there are “Mason jars filled with dark, smoky liquid” called “tonics”.

Tonics at the Botica & Co.

Micheal Breach

A latte artist in New York City. Breach stumbled on latte art while working at a hotel. After work, he had the whole espresso machine to himself so he decided to play around with it. Now, he has made a job out of it. He can paint your face onto your latte.

Micheal Breach holding a latte.


A Life Alone

Maisie Crowe creates an audio slideshow, called “A Life Alone“, about an old man whose wife has died and his struggle with living everyday without her. I thought she was clever with the audio by staying patient with her interview. She was able to capture real emotion and love, something that is hard to convey through just images and sound. She did add a little bit of video, but it worked effectively. The black and white added an old-fashioned effect, which was perfect, because the couple is so old. It was a good slideshow that gave the perspective of an old man who loved his wife.

Two Photostory Ideas

Hari Kondabolu

Hari Kondabolu’s new album.

An up-and-coming American comedian of Indian origin named Hari Kondabolu. The NY Times has called him the ““one of the most exciting political comics in stand-up today.” He resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. and is touring around the country.

Kottawe Nanda (Bhante)

Buddhist Monk meditating.

Focus on the daily life of Kottawe Nanda, a Bhuddist monk, from Port Jefferson. He runs the Long Island Buddhist Mediation Center.