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Every inch of the stage in the Student Union was crowded with the performers and instruments of the 40-student Stony Brook Live jazz ensemble. They filled the giant theater with sound, energy and the sheer force of their performance for an audience of seven people.

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Bonelle Pastry Shop; The Sweet Tooth of Forest Hills, Queens

On the corner of Ascan Boulevard and Austin Street, sits Bonelle Pastry Shop, a staple of Forest Hills, Queens for the last 23 years. In between the bustling, four-way intersection of brisk-walking New Yorkers and car horns, the smell of fresh baked goods greets customers as they walk through the doorway, a comforting aroma in these cold winter months.

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Stony Brook Motorsports


For my Final Project, I would like to do a story about the Stony Brook Motorsports Club. The Team designs, builds, tests and races an off-road baja vehicle each year. They hold many different meetings throughout the week, so I will have plenty of opportunities to go and shoot, interview them.

I would like to do my story about the club in general, what they do, how hard it is, and maybe concentrate on female members, because it is a popular stereotype that women no far less than men about cars, and engineering stuff.

Designer Cutting Boards, LLC

When I met Pat Corrigan at the Good Shephard Luthern Church Craft Fair on September 13, 2014, I knew he would be a great subject for my final video project.

Corrigan hand crafts designer cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards and candle holders. He uses all different colored strips of wood from Robert’s Plywood and glues them together to make one board. And he uses his own wood-cutting machinery, which cost him approximately $4,000.

This is a hobby for Corrigan, but he goes to fairs all over Long Island to sell his pieces. He is very personable and enthusiastic about his craft. When he is at fairs, he loves to talk to people about his boards. His strategy to being successful is standing in front of his table and working the crowd.

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